Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited

Our Software Development Services

We are experts in Agile Software Development services. Our team is committed to solve complex
problems and delivering high-quality solutions.


Cloud Computing & DevOps

We have expertise in AWS, Azure, GCP, Digital Ocean, Heorku . We also have expertise in a wide array of DevOps technologies like configuration management, log analysis and monitoring.


Mobile Apps

We can build high quality native apps for you for iOS and Android. We also have competency in building cross platform apps using Xamarin, and ReactJS Native.


Web Apps

We can build websites usings WordPress, PHP, Python, JS. We also develop ecommerce websites using woocommerce, shopify and other tech stacks.



We have expertise in building IoT applications using Raspberry Pi, Arduino. We have Cloud IAAS /PAAS expertise & BigData expertise required for IoT.



We can build immersive visual experiences for Oculus, Vive and Google Cardboard. We can also develop AR apps using ARKIT and Google ARCORE.


Big Data

We can build Big Data apps using Hadoop and Spark ecosystem. We also have expertise in AWS, Azure and GCP Big Data PAAS services.


QA & Testing

We can create and execute a cost effective manual testing strategy . We also have competence in building test automation using industry standard automation tools.



We have expertise in building blockchain and hyperledger applications. We can build these apps and help them integrate with your existing business applications.


Product Prototyping

We have vast experience in product prototyping and building version 1.0 products. We can help you create a MVP and launch a version 1.0 on shoestring budget.

We have expertise in a range of industry standard technologies and
tools needed to build software apps.