Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited

Our Corporate Training Services

We can help re-skill and re-train your knowledge workers. Technology landscape changes fast and its necessary to learn cutting edge technology skills to be competitive. We offer effective coaching in cutting edge technologies to help your company stay competitive.

Cloud Computing & DevOps

AWS, GCP, Azure, Containerization, DevOps Tools(Log Analysis, Monitoring, Vagrant, GIT), Configuration Management(Ansible, Puppet, Chef), Linux & shell scripting

Web and Mobile Applications

MEAN Stack, Angular, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, ROR, LAMP, WordPress, Django, IOS Obj C, Android Java, Xamarin, React JS

Other Technologies

IOT(Raspberry Pi, Arduino), AR/VR(Unity, Unreal, Vive, Oculus Apps), Blockchain, Chatbots

Databases & Big Data

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, Hadoop, Spark, Apache Kafka, Caching

Programming Languages

C , C++ , Java, Javascript, R, Python,  Perl, C#, Ruby 


MS Office(Excel, PowerPoint), English Communication , Digital Marketing