Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited

Our 3D Animations & Creative Services

We offer comprehensive range of end to end services in 3D Modeling & Animation.  We have expertise in a wide range of 3D technologies and tools.  Get in touch with us to know more.


We have expertise in creating high quality sculpted assets. We can build very detailed organic as well as inorganic sculpted models.


We have expertise in creating high quality models using reference modeling, to be in Visualiations, AR, VR, Apps.


We can build hyper realistic textures for 3D models. Our team as expertise in texturing sculpted as well as modeled assets.

PBR & Gaming

We can build hyper realistic PBR and gaming models for all kinds of games. We have expertise in building characters as well as inorganic models for games.


We can do very high quality rigging for human characters. We have expertise to build very detailed, finely rigged & movie quality assets.


We can do high quality , hyper realistic key frame animation. We can also use key frame animation with mocap data.

Our Work

Picture To 3D

Sculpting and Texturing

Modeling and Texturing