Imagistack Software (OPC) Private Limited

Our 3D Animations & Creative Services

We offer comprehensive range of end to end services in 3D & VFX.
We have expertise in a wide range of 3D & VFX technologies and tools. Get in touch with us to know more.


We have expertise in creating high quality sculpted assets. We can build very detailed organic as well as inorganic sculpted models.


We can do retopology of existing 3D assets to make them ready for use in various apps and visualizations

Product Modeling

We can help prototype your product using 3D. Our team can create 3D models for prototyping or for use in visualizations.

Reference Modeling

We have expertise in building IoT applications using Raspberry Pi, Arduino. We have Cloud IAAS /PAAS expertise & BigData expertise required for IoT


We can do very high quality rigging for human characters. We have expertise to build very detailed, finely rigged & movie quality assets.


We have competency in cleaning mocap data to movie level quality. We can also animate characters using the cleaned mocap data

3D Animation

We can do high quality , hyper realistic key frame animation. We can also use key frame animation with mocap data.


We provide comprehensive expertise in VFX . We have expertise in Special effects, Matte Painting, Rotoscopy, Composition.

Arch Viz

We can build stunning and hyper realistic archviz. We have expertise to build appealing traditional visualizations as well as real time visualizations.

Corporate Videos

We can build effective and high quality corporate videos. Our artists can work with you to create marketing, informative as well as educational videos for you.

360 videos

We can build 360 degree videos for your office, factory or place of business. We can help enhance your sales strategy using stunning and informative 360 degree videos.

Story boarding

We can do story boarding for your script to make it ready for animation. We can do accurate and creative story boards to enable you to create beautiful animations.

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We can do everything in 3D under one roof. Get in touch with us to know more